Marble Painting ~ with Unexpected Results

Marble painting. It’s one of those classic painting crafts and it’s all over the blogosphere but we’d never tried it before. R (3) had been asking to do this for some time and so last week we finally tried it out – with some unexpected, but very beautiful results.

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Getting Messy – Rainbow Spagetti Sensory Tub

Want to put together a fun, messy, sensory play activity for your kids for less than a dollar? This sensory tub cost me 59 cents! Seriously! Read on…..  

Last week, R (3) was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled through Pinterest and he saw my pin for hosting a messy playdate from the lovely Crystal at Growing a Jeweled Rose. Messy play is one thing, I’ve never been shy about getting messy around here, but Crystal is one brave lady to host an entire play date based on messy play! I take my hat off to her. Anyway, the picture R saw was of a sensory tub filled with blue coloured spagetti.  “That looks like fun! Let’s do that!” (Honestly, I think R enjoys Pinterest even more than I do.)

This would have to be the cheapest sensory tub I’ve ever created for R. (Well, apart from the tubs we do which are filled with water, that is.) All  I outlayed was 59 cents for the cheapest packet of spagetti I could find. The other components were items I already had in the cupboard.

Here’s what we created! Fun, right?🙂

So here’s how we made it. So quick and easy!

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{Ice-Skating in the Living Room}

One evening last week, R(3) watched a TV program, I’m not sure what it was exactly, where the main characters were skiing. He began sliding his feet around the living room pretending to ski and repeated over and over that he wanted to go to the snow. I immediately had an idea. I couldn’t make it snow in the living room. I could however, turn the carpet into an ice-rink! First, R would need a pair of ice skates.

I took a plastic shopping bag from the cupboard and used a pair of scissors to cut two large rectangles from the bag. I wrapped them around R’s feet, and used lots of adhesive tape to secure the plastic “ice-skates” in place.

I was working fast to keep the momentum of R’s imaginative play going so they were not fancy to look at. This was just about getting something happening quickly and making his feet sliiiiiide over the carpet like he was skating. He loved it!

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Spreading our love of books – Library Letters

Last month, we registered to take part in The Little Book Adventure. The Little Book Adventure has been created by one of my favourite blogs, My Little Bookcase, in celebration of the National Year of Reading. It aims to encourage a reading culture, and encourages families, schools and libraries to discover (or re-discover) a love of books and reading.

10 monthly challenges are being set, and this month’s challenge was all about spreading our love of books, encouraging children to talk about books and share their love of books with one another. The task was to borrow a book from your library, write a little note about why you loved the book (or a drawing for younger pre-writing age kids) and then pop the note inside the book for the next child who borrows the book to find. I loved this idea! What a wonderful way for children to engage with each other and what a lovely surprise for someone when they find the letter. This is such a cute idea, and R (3) loved it so much that we plan on doing this again. Who knows? It might catch on and eventually he might find a letter from another child too.

The book R chose to leave his letter inside was Elephant by Petr Horacek. We’ve borrowed this book from our library several times. It’s a delightful story about a young boy and his imaginary friend, the elephant, and the fun they get up to together. Their imaginary adventures take them as near as the back garden and as far as the wilds of Africa. Petr Horacek’s illustrations are bold and bright. His books remind me a little of Eric Carle with their collage style and bright hues. They really are stunning and R is drawn right into them. He pulls Elephant out every day when we borrow it. Continue reading

Kid’s Art – Raised Salt Painting

Who knew painting could be so exciting! I mean, jump out of your chair and squeal exciting! Well, that’s exactly the reaction R (3) had when we tried raised salt painting for the first time. Continue reading

DIY Felt Rainbow Size Sorting Game

When I wrote about our St Patrick’s Day sensory tub, I briefly mentioned an extra game that I had made to be added to the tub. It was a DIY felt rainbow size sorting game. I’ve received quite a lot of queries and feedback about that game so I thought I’d write a separate post about it.

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Rainbow Cupcakes Tutorial

When I asked R (3) what he would like to do today, his response was immediate and loud – “MAKE CUPCAKES!” Ok then! When it came time to decide what colour they should be, the response was a little less decisive. Pink? Green? Blue? So in the end, we decided to make them all of those colours. Rainbow cupcakes!

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Rainy day fun – camping out in your living room!

What do you do with a sick little guy on a dreary rainy day? After reading THIS post from the lovely Zina at Let’s Lasso The Moon, it struck me that I had never made a fort or pitched a tent (either outside or indoors) with R. In three and a half years, it had never even occurred to me! It has been raining (and raining and raining) here for days. Ordinarily we’d head outside, even in the rain, but with R feeling unwell, I figured today was perfect fort-builing conditions.

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Painting without a brush – blow painting

As you know, when it comes to creating ways to play and arts/crafts for R(3),  I’m all about using inexpensive or recycled materials, and everyday items found around our home. This fun way to paint certainly fits the bill on every level. It doesn’t get any easier and simpler than blow painting – painting using a drinking straw! This one’s an old classic, but we’d never tried it before. R enjoyed this so much – his attention was held for almost half an hour which is quite a long time for him when it comes to painting. Here’s how we did it……

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Easy Easter Craft for Kids – Bunny and Chicken Easter Party Hats

How cute are these? These fun Easter hats would have to be one of the quickest and easiest crafts we’ve ever done and they look adorable, don’t they? Keep reading for the super simple instructions. I’ve even included a free template for you which you can download HERE. Have fun! If you make some of these, I’d love to see some pics. Feel free to share them on our Facebook Wall.

Here’s the super simple tutorial for both of these cuties.

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