Painting without a brush – blow painting

As you know, when it comes to creating ways to play and arts/crafts for R(3),  I’m all about using inexpensive or recycled materials, and everyday items found around our home. This fun way to paint certainly fits the bill on every level. It doesn’t get any easier and simpler than blow painting – painting using a drinking straw! This one’s an old classic, but we’d never tried it before. R enjoyed this so much – his attention was held for almost half an hour which is quite a long time for him when it comes to painting. Here’s how we did it……

I set out some drinking straws, sheets of coloured paper, and some paint that I had thinned out with water. The paint needs to be thin (about the consistency of milk) so that it will move across the page when blown with the straw.

There are two ways to do blow painting. For younger kids – drop one end of your straw into the paint…

Next, tap the straw on the paper, leaving deposits of paint on the page as shown below.

Once you have some paint on the page,  position your straw close to the paint and BLOW! Move the straw around the page as you blow to move the paint into different patterns.

For older kids, try dropping the end of the straw into the paint, then moving it to the page and blowing through the straw right away, rather than dropping the paint onto the paper first – effectively shooting the paint out of the straw with your breath. Why not try both mehods and see what different patterns you can create with the different methods?

R created several paintings – one on every different colour of paper that I had set out for him. The effects really are beautiful aren’t they?

What are some of your favourite household items to use with art projects for your kids? What other items have you tried as an altenative to a regular paint brush?

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28 thoughts on “Painting without a brush – blow painting

    • Hi Paula, thank you for visiting and for the lovely invititation to join your linky party. I’m so sorry I missed this before. I’ll pop over and visit your site and perhaps I can link up next time.

    • lol Isn’t it always the way Kristina? We just have them on hand because we tend to make milkshakes at home just a little too often and you can’t drink a milkshaske without a straw, right?😉

  1. I love how the picture turned out. It almost looks like colorful flowers! Found you over at Living Life Intentionally Link Party. You have such a fun blog! 🙂

  2. Wow, that painting turned out great! Maddie would love this and like you… we always have straws! lol (lots of smoothies made here). Thanks for the reminder. Debs🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Deborah. R was seeing a speech therapist last year and one of his treatments was in fact blowing through a straw to make a cotton ball move. AS you mentioned, it is such a valuable skill for mouth control and word pronunciation. He of course simply loved it as a fun game (and we still play it now even though his treatment has ended).

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