Come and Play at the Kid’s Co-Op!

Lasso the Moon

It’s Weekly Kid’s Co-Op time again! This has been a BIG week for the Co-Op in more ways than one.

Firstly, we had more link ups than in any previous week – 175 fantastic ideas shared!  Have you checked back to last week‘s post to view them all? Which ones were your favourites? Did you try any of the ideas with your kids? Let’s share in the comments below!

The other very exciting news for the Kid’s Co-Op this week is that a huge number of new hosts have come on board. What does that mean for you? Well, it means even MORE wonderful blogs for you to visit and explore and even MORE places for you to find the Weekly Kid’s Co-Up link party, and if you link up one of your posts, then it will appear on all of the host’s websites!

What’s the best way to keep up to with the Kid’s Co-Op?

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Rainbows can be black too – process not product in children’s art

A couple of weeks ago, via the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op, I came across a wonderful rainbow art project from A Little Learning For Two.  I loved the idea so much, that I featured it in THIS post. We go through copious amounts of Watermelon in this house so it was perfect for us and today we finally decided to give it a go. R(3) was very excited about making some “watermelon rainbows” and he happily helped me gather our supplies. This is how we set things out.

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Sometimes a walk in the garden is all it takes

The photos in today’s post are not all that exciting, but they show a truly lovely part of our day and that’s what this blog is all about. We had reached the witching hour this afternoon. You know the time of day that I mean, when everyone is tired, patience is an effort, the dinner needs to be made, and no-one is at their best. I knew what we needed was to just re-group and get some fresh air and sunshine. We headed outside with no particular plan in mind.

We began by watering our vegetable patch. R(3) has been carefully tending some carrots and celery that he planted with his Daddy a few weeks ago. As he sprayed the hose over the garden, he said “Just soft and gentle, like Daddy said. We don’t blast them.” He continued watering the garden, declaring that “hosing is fun” and at one point “Hey Mummy. Guess what?” “What darling?” “I love you.”  I knew heading outside was a good idea.🙂

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Permission to Pin. We are Pinterest Friendly!

Pinterest, oh Pinterest! How do I love thee Pinterest? Pinterest changed my life. It’s as simple as that. That may sound like a dramatic overstatement but Pinterest is where I discovered all the blogs that I follow. Those blogs in turn led me to discover Montessori, sensory play and attachment parenting, which of course had an enormous impact on my parenting style which in turn is how this blog came to be.

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Come and Play at the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op

Lasso the Moon

Hooray for Friday! The weekend is nigh and it’s time again for the Weekly Kid’s Co-Op! Did you check out all of the fantastic ideas that were shared last week? Which ones were your favourites? Did you try any of the ideas with your kids? Let me know in the comments below!

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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday – Anything Can Be

Listen to the mustn’ts child.

Listen to the don’ts.

Listen to the shouldn’ts, the impossibles, the wont’s.

Listen to the never haves,

then listen close to me……

Anything can happen child.

Anything can be.

Shel Silverstein

I’m linking up with Wordless Wednesday at My Little Drummer Boys 

My Little Drummer Boys

Green Porcupine Birthday Cake? Yes Please!

Have you ever tried Green Porcupine Birthday Cake? No? Really? Oh, you simply must! It’s divine! I had the honour of having one baked especially for me today – and it’s not even my birthday!

R(3) wanted to play with our Play Dough today. We haven’t brought it out in a long time. I spend so much time looking for new and exciting activities for R to try that sometimes I forget about the more “ordinary” things like Play Dough which is a shame because we always have so much fun with it and it has so many benefits:

  • It’s a fantastic sensory play experience
  • Strengthens fingers, hands and wrists
  • Develops hand / eye co-ordination
  • It’s great for developing fine motor skills if you add elements like cutters, popsicle sticks or tooth picks
  • It is a truly open ended play experience, sparking imagination and creativity
  • It can help to develop language skills as you discuss colours, shapes, textures, the items being created etc

One day I will make my own home made play dough but today we used the store-bought variety. R received a set of 10 colours for his last birthday. After it has been used, I store it in zip lock bags and it seems to keep for ages when it has been stored like this, much longer than if it is stored in the plastic tubs that you buy it in. Consequently, we just never seem to run out of it and I haven’t had any need to make our own yet.

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Come and Play at this week’s Kid’s Co-Op Linky Up!

Lasso the Moon

I’m back! Sorry the blog has been so quiet. We’ve had a week of fever and runny noses, and there were sick patients that needed attending to, so the blog had to take a back seat. On the up side, this gave me the chance to catch up with all my blog reading and wow, there were SO MANY wonderful ideas on last week’s Kid’s Co-Op linky party! Continue reading

Weekly Kids Co-op link up party!

Lasso the Moon

Wow! We had 121 blogs link up to last week’s Kid’s Co-op link party. There were just so many inspiring ideas for play. Below are three of my favourites from last week. Click on the blog names to check out the full post.

How completely fabulous is this idea from B.Inspired, Mama! R(3) detests green food and refuses to eat it (ironically though, green *jelly* is one of his favourite foods in the world!) I think this little idea might be just the ticket to convince him to let green pass by his lips!

I just know how much R will love this Sand Sensory Art idea from Hands On As We Grow. The possibilities for this one are endless!

Then there was this fantastic post from My Little Happies. This bread painting idea (using creamer and food colouring) looks like so much fun. Even though it’s the bread that’s featured in the link up I found their whole day inspiring and will be taking R to the beach (the next time we actually see some sun around here!) so we can do some sand writing. I’ve never come across My Little Happies before (I know, I know, where have I been, right?) But that’s the beauty of the Kids Co-Op – there’s opportunities to discover new blogs that you haven’t stumbled across before.

Be sure to check back here each week for the next round of link ups. You can also find lots of ideas on our new Facebook Page as well as our Kids Co-Op Pinterest board

Now it’s your turn! There are already over 65 fun and inspiring ideas linked up to this week’s party. Click on the frog link below to check them out or add your own.

Welcome to The Kid’s Co-op!

Each week we get together we’ll ask YOU to share your favorite kid’s activities. We’d love to see a plethora of ideas geared for toddlers to pre-teens. We are looking for activities that are family oriented, fun, unique and educational. We will be sharing our favorite post from our own blogs. Please share your favorite project or blog post below. {Co-hosted by: The Kid’s Co-op Pinterest Board , Let’s Lasso the Moon & Nurture Store}

St Patrick’s Day Sensory Tub

I have had in the back of my mind for weeks that I need to create some St Patrick’s Day themed Montessori trays. We still have our Valentine’s Day trays and sensory tub on our shelves so I’m a bit behind. This morning I was scrolling through my Pinterest boards  and R(3) (who incidentally loves Pinterest almost as much as I do!) saw this gorgeous St Patrick’s Day sensory tub from Sense Of Wonder. So we decided to get our St Patrick’s Day fun underway and make a sensory tub. This was the first time that R has helped me with putting together a sensory tub and he had very definite ideas about what he wanted. This is what we created together.

Our St Patrick’s Day Sensory Tub contains:

  • Dried green split peas
  • Mardi Gras beads
  • Green pom poms
  • Green pipe cleaner stars
  • Gold coins (I wasn’t able to find any pretend gold coins. These were actually party favours from the $2 Shop that were gold medals for race winners. The kind that you wear around your neck, Olympics style. I removed the ribbons and turned them into gold coins)
  • Clear and green glass pebbles (you can’t see it in the photo but the green ones have a beautiful irridescence)
  • Green buttons
  • Various utensils for scooping and pouring
  • Felt rainbow (I made this to add a game to the tub. There’s more information on the rainbow at the end of this post)

Here’s a pic of the supplies before we put eveything in the tub.

We incorporated a sorting game into the construction of this tub as R sorted the green pom poms from the other colours.

Once we had our “ingredients” ready, R poured the split peas into the tub. When he was done, he ran his fingers through them. I asked him what it felt like. His response? “It feels like peas.” Ask a silly question…..

We tossed everything in there and at last it was time to play. There was lots of pouring and scooping, as expected. We use split peas quite a lot in our sensory tubs. They feel so silky and they make a great sound as they are poured into the cups and bowls. R scooped a few spoonfuls into the little cups and then shook them close to his ear, listening as the peas tapped and rattled against the plastic. Throughout his play, the peas became dog food for an imaginary pet puppy, special green jelly, cups of coffee and later they were water for his special machines (the cups and bowls were the machines).  You gotta love sensory tubs for sparking imaginative play!

The felt rainbow was something I put together as an added game in the tub. I didn’t use a template. I kept it pretty freeform and just eyeballed it as I cut the various colours. I like that it is a bit organic and not perfect.

Here’s a pic of the pieces when they are separated. It’s an excercise is size sorting.

And here it is in action.

I plan on writing an explanation of sensory tubs in a future post, but in the meantime, Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts has written a very detailed and helpful explanation. You can read it here.